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Dedicated to Assisting Organisations in Engaging and Empowering Their Employees

Empowering Organisations with Continuous Improvement and Practical Problem-Solving through Teamwork and Learning

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Are you fully engaging your employees?

  • Is Your Business Lacking a Structured Approach to Teamwork and Problem-Solving?
  • Are Your KPI’s Falling Short of Targets? Are Bottlenecks in Your Processes Going Unaddressed?
  • Are There Areas in Your Business Without Standards, Causing Variation Among Teams?
  • Is Your Business Maintaining a Continuous Improvement Mindset in Operations?
  • Want to Improve Teamwork and Proactively Map Processes with Cross-Functional Workshop Planning Rhythms for Your Employees?
  • Want to Accelerate Training of Temp Agency Staff with Simple Visual Standards Available at Point of Use for Your Employees?

How we can help?


Expert Training and Facilitation in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Future State Mapping (FSM) for Your Team, Tailored to Your Operations and Processes.

Kaizen Workshops

Collaborating with Your Team to Facilitate Kaizen Teams and Empower Continuous Improvement in Critical Areas of Your Business.

Problem Solving

Engaging Your Team in Practical, Hands-On Problem-Solving Techniques Facilitated by Our Change Agent Expert.

Engage your people

Specialising in Bringing Your Team Together to Address Current Business Issues and Implementing Change Through Hands-On Learning of Problem-Solving Tools.

Create a rhythm

Assisting in Establishing a Sustainable Rhythm for Continuous Improvement within Your Business and Team.

Build on your success

Experience Positive Transformation in Your Business and Employee Mindset with Our Assistance in Implementing Continuous Improvement

Team working

Creating teams


Working together


Global Projects

Expert Change Agent Available for On-Site Assistance at Your Business Location, Worldwide

Working with our change agent...

Paul Glenn

At Sliding Paradigms, we specialise in assisting HR leaders in engaging their employees in innovative and continuous improvement efforts.

Our focus is on facilitating change through practical, hands-on problem-solving techniques. They are led by a seasoned change agent, working closely with HR leaders and their teams to identify areas for improvement and create a plan of action.

By utilising our expertise and resources, HR leaders can empower their employees to take ownership of the change process, leading to a more productive and engaged workforce. Regardless of the size or location of your business, we can work with you to create a customised plan that fits your unique needs and goals.

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