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Passionately helping organisations empower their people with continuous improvement and practical problem-solving. Learning and implementing change through teams.  

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Are you fully engaging your employees?

  • Do you feel operations are missing a structured method that drives teamwork and problem-solving? 
  • Do KPI’s fall short of targets, do you have bottlenecks within your processes that are never addressed?
  • Do you have areas with no standards, leading to variation between each other?
  • Are you sustaining a continuous improvement mindset in your operation?
  • Would you like people in operations to function as a team, proactively mapping processes, planning rhythms of cross-functional workshops?
  • Would you like simple visual standards available to employees at the point of use, which in turn helps accelerate the training of agency staff?


How we can help?


We train and facilitate your people in both VSM (value stream mapping) and FSM (future state mapping). All done at your operations, 100% with your processes.

Kaizen Workshops

Working closely with your people, facilitating them in teams to work on the critical parts of your business. Helping to empower them in continuous improvement.

Problem Solving

Engage your people in simple, practical hands-on problem-solving techniques, trained and facilitated by our change agent.

Engage your people

We specialise in bringing people together, having them focus on real current issues in your business. They find the problems and they fix them, change happens as they learn the tools.

Create a rhythm

We believe that for something to be continuous it needs a rhythm, that is why we help you find the perfect rhythm for you and your people.

Build on your success

Once you have started your journey of continuous improvement, you will start to see differences in both your business and your employees. People wont resist change they will expect it.

Team working

Creating teams


Working together


Global Projects

Our change agent is an experienced traveller, already with a big foot print. Where ever your operations are located we can help! 

Working with our change agent...

Introduction video

If you would like to know more about our change agent Paul Glenn, feel free to watch this introduction video where he explains his journey into continuous improvement 

Paul Glenn

Paul Glenn

Change Agent & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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