Practical Problem Solving

This masterclass will take you from fire-fighting repeat problems, to running small structured projects and eliminating problems from your processes.




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Why this masterclass?

You want to see some small quick wins, you want a system that can quickly identify minor improvement opportunities, implement them, then move onto the next. 

This powerful masterclass takes you from fire fighting to running simple, practical small problem-solving projects based on the famous PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) & A3 (Project Road Map) methodologies. 

Our change agent Paul Glenn takes you step by step, across five two hour sessions, one each week, spread over five weeks.

Week one

Prework is required prior to starting this masterclass, all participants are required to bring a real workplace problem to the masterclass. This can be a problem that is old or new, something that causes a process to stop or slow down, maybe it creates rework. It could be an issue for your customers or employee’s, creating extra cost for your business.

This masterclass brings the world of learning and doing onto the same page, the problem your employees bring to the class will be the topic of their first project. As they learn the methodology they will, in parallel practice by doing.

Lessons learned in this session

  • Why solve problems
  • Why do things go wrong
  • History of PDCA problem solving cycle
  • Key steps in PDCA
  • What is A3
  • Start Plan phase
  • Each participant leaves the session with home work

Week two

At the beginning of session two, we will review all participants progress from the first class. Everyone has an opportunity to ask questions, then we will dive further into the PLAN stage of PDCA.

This session focuses strongly on the importance of having a strong reliable measure for your problem. A famous saying is “you can not improve, what you can not measure”.

Lessons learned in this session

  • Continue with Plan
  • Quantify the problem
  • Why bother measuring it
  • How to measure something
  • Granularity
  • Why simple measurement methods
  • Test the measure

Week three

Again starting with the review of last weeks homework together with Q&A. This session confirms that you are able to measure your problem. Now its time for some root cause analysis, in the title of this masterclass we have the word “Practical” this is a powerful part of the doing. 

Our change agent explains and teaches the participants why and how to find the causes of their problems, using practical and structured tools. 

Lessons learned in this session

  • Find potential causes & solutions
  • Pareto
  • Fish-bone (Ishikawa)
  • Filter down to the few
  • 5Y’s

Week four

Again starting with the review of last weeks homework together with Q&A. In this fourth session we will explore the changes we need to trial and test in the real world to reduce or remove our problem. 

Checking back with our measurement we will check the impact of our changes, asking whether we meet the goal or not?

Lessons learned in this session

  • The real world
  • Tests & trials
  • Keep it small
  • Check back with the goal
  • If we don’t meet the goal
  • If we do meet the goal

Week five

Again starting with the review of last weeks homework together with Q&A. In this final stage of the PDCA cycle we learn how important it is to have standards, together with updating the company’s systems and structures with your new changes.

We explore the roll out and auditing process which will be needed to help people sustain the changes your team have made.

Lessons learned in this session

  • Systems and structures
  • Standards
  • Roll out
  • Audit, frequency
  • Lessons learnt
  • Close the project and celebrate


At the end of this training your employees will fully understand a proven structured way to solve problems and run projects for continuous improvement and problem solving inside their workplace. They will be well on the way to completing their very own PDCA project focused on solving real issues.

Paul Glenn

Meet Paul glenn.

With 28 years of manufacturing experience, more than 13 of those spent 100% training and facilitating continuous improvement and problem-solving activity all over the globe. He has helped 100’s of managers and engineers look to their workplace differently, finding opportunities to reduce waste and create a rhythm for constant change. It is his mission to provide individuals and businesses with the skills they need to master their processes and drive better efficiencies.

Why our Masterclass

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of competitors

100% live

Unlike many online training solutions available right now, we know and understand the value of real people interaction, which is simply not present in traditional online course.

Trusted Knowledge

Over more than a decade Paul has helped professionals with trusted proven methodologies, delivering strong ROI for the many people he has guided through projects.

Anytime, Anywhere

Having the ability to learn new tools and participate in practical training, while being remote is paramount. Our masterclass training is facilitated live via video calling

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Each masterclass will run for five weeks, each week your employees will participate in a two hour live video class. Our Change Agent Paul Glenn will help them embrace the famous proven PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology, on their own problem in parallel with their learning.

Your team, your class

Populate your masterclass with your own employees, you may have up to 8 persons per class.
£ 1750 Per class
  • 5 x 2 hour sessions
  • 10 hours total training/coaching
  • Run your projects in parallel
  • 30mins Q&A each session