Our solutions

We keep things simple because it works

Over the years we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in facilitating change and “simple just works”. 

Your operations need quick easy to implement solutions to every day challenges, that is what we bring to the table.

People engaging all the way!

The most difficult part of an organisation to change is the part where your people are, this is also where the most powerful change can happen. We have a saying, people don’t resist change, they resist being changed. This is at the core of how Sliding Paradigms work, we facilitate the change through and with your people, so they, make the change happen.


We train and facilitate your people in both VSM (value stream mapping) and FSM (future state mapping). All done at your operations, 100% with your processes.

Kaizen Workshops

Working closely with your people, facilitating them in teams to work on the critical parts of your business. Helping to empower them in continuous improvement.

Problem Solving

Engage your people in simple, practical hands-on problem-solving techniques, trained and facilitated by our change agent.

Engage your people

We specialise in bringing people together, having them focus on real current issues in your business. They find the problems and they fix them, change happens as they learn the tools.

Create a rhythm

We believe that for something to be continuous it needs a rhythm, that is why we help you find the perfect rhythm for you and your people.

Build on your success

Once you have started your journey of continuous improvement, you will start to see differences in both your business and your employees. People wont resist change they will expect it.

Our 6 step process "PROFIT"



The beginning Day 1, we bring your people together for some light lean/VSM (value stream mapping) training. Our change agent facilitates your VSM in parallel to the training. All done at your premises, on your processes. This is not just training, you will be working from the offset on your actual business.



Within 14 days from the VSM, Day 2, the team come back together to reflect on the VSM, our change agent will teach them how to read the map. Then the team create an FSM (future state map). Followed by participating in some interactive lean simulation exercises. Ending with the creation of your Kaizen workshop planning. 



Within 21 days from FSM/Planning you run the Kaizen workshop. Facilitated by our change agent, your people will be working as a cross functional team on a part of your business identified by the FSM planning. This will run for 4 consecutive days, in your facility, on your processes. You will empower your people to make change happen.



During the Kaizen your team will drive a repeatable cycle of “Change, Check, Follow-up”, then repeat until they find the perfect new way needed to deliver the goal.   



During the Kaizen and up to 30 days from the end of the Kaizen key people will close all actions needed to ensure the Kaizen findings are realised by your operations.



KPI’s (key performance indicators) are agreed on by the team. With the right granularity and rhythm, you will track the new processes, to ensure sustainability. 

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